A person, spinning fiber, performs a number of process steps simultaneously, straightening and aligning fibers, adjusting for yarn size, and establishing the desired amount of twist, for the type of yarn being spun. If you have ever tried spinning you will appreciate the remarkable skill set, developed by a seasoned spinner. To do this by machine, it is necessary to isolate some of the process steps. The drafter straightens and aligns fibers creating a sliver for the spinning machine. A uniform sliver, needed for quality yarn, is established by repeating the Drafting Process. Mini-Mills Ltd, provide quality fiber processing equipment and services.
Fiber Drafting Process
Mini-Mills Ltd, provide Fantasy Fibers with quality fiber processing equipment and services.
Roving from Carder
Sliver after Multiple Drafts
Before the Drafting Process, fibers are considerably more random. This makes a roving more likely to break when drawn. After the Drafting Process notice how the fiber is more uniform, making it more resilient to breakage when drawn in the Spinning Process. The photo's are not of the same fiber and are solely intended to illustrate the effects of drafting.
Last updated: Saturday, May 30, 2009